About us


This is an imageSterling Advisors represents a select group of investors, managers, and operators seeking to acquire hospitality, senior care, office and retail properties across the country, as well as companies in homecare and senior care industries. Sterling Advisors is active across commercial real estate sectors, purchasing assets for its own account, representing other acquisitions groups, and providing optimal investment vehicles for sophisticated investors.

Integrity, professionalism, confidentiality, and creativity are the guiding principles with which we conduct our business and approach every single transaction. These principles have enabled us to generate exceptional results, while meeting and exceeding the expectations of our partners, investors and clients.

Our Partners

This is an imageSterling Advisors was formed in 2011 in partnership withFNR Healthcare Group (www.fnrhealthcare.com) and Cedarbrook Management (www.cedarbrookmanagement.com), to build on their stellar acquisition and property management track record, by creating new acquisition platforms and investment vehicles, while delivering outstanding results to a broader network of clients and investors.